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Crippen Seed Cleaner Brushes

Crippen Seed Cleaner Brushes

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All these brushes have a wood block frame with black nylon bristles.  These are for running under your screen and keeping the screens clean.

Please measure the length and count how many bristle sections your old brush has before ordering replacement screen cleaning brushes.

We have available 5 different variations (lengths) of Crippen screen cleaning brushes. So please make sure you are ordering the correct size length.

All brushes are 2.25” high X ¾ “ wide

31.5” 4 bristle section
32” 2 bristle section
34” 4 bristle section
39.5” 3 bristle section
49.5” 3 bristle section

In stock except for the 49.5”.  There is a 4 week lead time on that size.

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