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Clipper Screen Cleaning Brushes

Clipper Screen Cleaning Brushes

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All these brushes have a wood block frame with black nylon bristles.

 Seed cleaners ending in 7 require the 31” long brush for example 47 or 27.
Seed cleaners ending 8 and 9 require the 49.5” long brush for example X 29D and X 298 D

 Note: models with upper short scalper screen deck for example 67D, 69D, or 68D require you to cut 1 brush into two pieces and install them on the smaller H frame carrier under the scalper screen. The 67D, 69D, and 68D are all 2 ½ screen cleaners so 5 brushes are needed to put all new brushes in the machine.

All brushes are 2 ¼ “ height X ¾” wide.


31” 4 bristle section
49.5” 4 bristle section

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